complementary Skillsets 


Systemic Designer and Founder

Circulab certified facilitator | New Economy Advisor (Circular Economy MBA) | Creative Dot connector | Intuitive Sensemaker.   

Dylan Lamb

BD and Systemic Designer 

Business Development | Creative Dot connector | Intuitive Sensemaker.   


Mapping and modelling Partner

Mark Holton & Mark Silverwood are the founders of Systemiser, a revolutionary tool to help groups of people to understand, map, communicate & model systems. Between them, they have years of software & modelling expertise. 

Nicole Hodgson

sustainability and Environmental Practitioner-Nature Advisor

Working across higher education, government, business and the not-for-profit sectors to help develop a sustainable future.

Elaine Olsen

Leadership and transformation

facilitator - Self & other  advisor

I'm dedicated to facilitating the growth of future social innovators and changemakers in communities, organisations and in institutions.

Adam Jorlen

Futurist - Future advisor

I work at the intersection of strategic foresight and entrepreneurship with a focus on broad, long and deep innovation.

JP Parker

Polymath - General advisor

Usually to be found at that intersection of technology and culture where game changers are gathering, igniting initiatives for positive change.