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Andrew Thomson

Systemic Designer & Founder



Hi there fellow Holons! My name is Andy, I’m originally from sunny Manchester (UK) but lived and worked in Barcelona for about 10 years prior to coming to Perth in 2013.


I have a degree in Industrial Design and Technology and was part of the first cohort of students on the very first Innovation, Enterprise & Circular Economy MBA developed in conjunction with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (central proponent of the CE).


However, I have been on this “rethink the economy” journey, in one shape or form, now for more than 10 years, working with a network of local and international groups and experts.


Rather than being a specialist in one area, as has become the norm, I like to think of myself as a "systemic generalist" or "systemic designer" as "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts", right? And the challenges we face ultimately exist across multiple domains and require new and alternative approaches that span these "voids" between specialists. 


Away from work, I enjoy music, nature, keeping fit, and having interesting conversations over a beer or two.


My purpose


Rather than helping to design more products and services which we often don’t NEED or even WANT, I’m passionate about assisting cross-sector stakeholders to envisage and develop a  future that’s “circular, not linear”, "generative, not extractive".  


Skills and abilities


Combining a distinct array of proven design, development, and business acumen aptitudes with foresight, intuitive soft skills, natural systems knowledge, and the ability to think systemically, I approach projects from multiple perspectives, helping to surface new insights and develop creative yet holistic solutions through promoting collaborative emergence.

Previous experience


I have almost 20 years of international experience in different fields, that spans the private, public, and plural sectors. I have worked for clients including Volvo, Citroën, Renault, Liebherr, The Spanish Police, government bodies as well as with local governments, entrepreneurs, NFP’s, SME’s, and grassroots initiatives.

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