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I am Adam,  a Swedish/Australian futurist and a member of the Association of Professional Futurists and the World Futures Studies Society.


I work at the intersection of strategic foresight and entrepreneurship with a focus on broad, long and deep innovation. Broad in the sense that it goes across whole systems and beyond organisations, disciplines and sectors; long in that it is future focused and sustainable in the long term; deep as it questions assumptions and embraces the unknown.


Beyond consulting and presenting as a futurist  I am co-founder of the Perth-based enkel collective (a multi-disciplinary collective, which explores new narratives and possibilities for Western Australia) and currently involved in four  ventures:


  • New Economy Network Australia (NENA) WA Hub steering committee – A national initiative working to transform Australia's economic system.

  • Superhero Spaces - an online non-profit, which aims to highlight and champion a global network of creative spaces.

  • enkel U - A school for changemakers in Perth, Western Australia.

  • enkel Naval Store - A 1400m2 living lab for the new economy and a space to prototype the future in Fremantle.


You will find me in or around anything where the new and purposeful intersect.


My purpose


I am passionate about activating ideas, people and spaces to create innovation and learning networks that transcend organisations, sectors and countries.


Skills and abilities


I am an innovator and a social entrepreneur with a broad skill set and interests, who has a gift for connecting people and ideas.

Previous experience

My experiences include designing and delivering start-up acceleration programs, starting and managing makerspaces, schools and creative hubs; developing apps and board games in the generative idea and strategy development arena, and working as a futurist and strategist in the innovation and entrepreneurship space.











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