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Leadership and transformation facilitator- Self & other Advisor




I am Elaine. I hail originally from Malaysia but have called Australia my home for the last thirty years. By day I am a leadership and transformation facilitator. By night I am an armchair detective, a cross stitcher and a long distance trekker.


I see the world as a highly interconnected system of parts where an intricate web of life sustains us all. Lately though, I have been plagued by a sense of disquiet. The fractures in the system is evident for all to see; from natural disasters that are growing more extreme, to rising levels of depression and suicides, to melting polar ice caps, to an education system that is failing to develop our future leaders. A sense of fragility is all pervasive. My work is dedicated to growing the next generation changemakers who will cultivate the conditions required to repair and renew the system.  


My purpose


I am passionate about inspiring and enabling people to tap into their creative potential and realise their ability of becoming true changemakers. I act as coach, guide and advisor so that people are galvanised to take collective action to positively change the way things are.  


Skills and abilities


I have developed a unique set of skills and expertise ranging from innovation program development, to building organizational culture, to growing individual creativity. I am adept at facilitating transformational change at the levels of people and institutions. I use human-centred design, systems thinking, and unique change leadership frameworks.

Previous experience


Working in government for more than twenty years have imbued me with insights about the opportunity for change within the system. My entrepreneurship ability was honed during the development of an innovation consultancy that I co-founded in 2017. Working in the innovation, social impact and community space since 2014 gives me purpose. My experiences straddle the tri-sectors of business, government and civil society.

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