Dylan Lamb

Business Development & Systemic Designer



Hey. I’m Dylan, a community-minded millennial and creative changemaker. I hail from Kalgoorlie and have lived and worked in Perth & Minnesota (USA) as an engineer.
I have a degree in Civil Engineering from UWA, but have been on a deeper journey of self-discovery and lifelong learning in recent years. I’ve gone on to study Human-centred Design, Design Thinking, Theory U and Circular Economy. I reached a turning point in 2018 working as a consulting engineer. I was restless and dissatisfied with my work, with my life and with the state of our current linear economy. I knew I was destined to be a sprout for a brighter, more circular and generative future. It was only inevitable that I eventually met Andy and we teamed up to grow Holonic and seed a new narrative for innovation in Western Australia. I’ve maintained my role as an emerging young leader with GHD and continue to work with them in innovation and systems change. 
Away from work, I enjoy studying Japanese, freelance designing, doing art, cooking, growing food, hiking, keeping fit, and can admit to having an emerging bio-materials lab in my kitchen.


My purpose


I’ve always resonated with two Japanese words. The first is ikigai, which translates to ‘a reason for being’. Ikigai is the intersection between; What you love doing, What you are good at, What you can be paid for and What the world needs. I am well on my way to finding ikigai through my work at Holonic. The second word is kintsukorai; ‘something is more beautiful for having been broken’ which refers to the art of repairing broken pottery. Need I say more?  


Skills and abilities


Combining design, engineering, business development, creativity, intuition, emotional and network intelligence; I have the ability to see ideas, build rapport and connect people to promote collaborative emergence and systems change. 

I deeply sense systems to realise the future potential that wants to emerge. I have an innate ability to approach problems in new and creative ways. Look out for the Holonic podcast I’ll be launching in 2019. I believe that conversations are the best place to start in driving change!    

Previous experience


I have 4 years of international experience in different fields, that spans the private and public sectors. I have worked for WA clients including BHP, Main Roads, Public Transport Authority, as well as with local governments, entrepreneurs, and grassroots initiatives. I grew up working for the City of Canning and have enjoyed diverse and varying roles such as being a member on their Sustainability & Environment Advisory Group and as a community disc golf coach.