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Circulab Workshops


CIRCULAB is a versatile business game and methodology, that has been tried and tested by companies, governments, and academia across the world (see offerings at the bottom of the page). Through a creative and collaborative process you will learn to:


  • Understand the concept of the Circular Economy and the associated economic, social, and environmental benefits.

  • Explore and create innovative business models.

  • Activate joint solutions that are generative by intention and design.

  • Apply design-thinking, biomimicry, and systems thinking.

  • Use mapping boards/diagrams to identify stocks, flows, priorities, connections, and possibilities.


What you will gain

   1.  Deep organisational insights

The ability to identify where used resources are, how and where waste is generated, and the involvement of stakeholders throughout the life cycle.


   2.  Open cooperation

Facilitation of more effective collaboration. Teams and partners learn to cooperate so that they can develop high impact local synergies to better support the transformation of their business model for long-term results.


   3.  Action-oriented focus

Apply an iterative approach and simple tool-set to easily generate new product, service, or business ideas and move quickly from the issue to the pilot project phase.​

Credible International Network

Beyond a tool, CIRCULAB is a network of diverse professionals working in and around the generative and circular economy, with more than 50 members and a presence in 17 countries around the world. This allows us to share best practices, case studies, collaborate on projects, and, ultimately, learn from one another to help our individual clients.


As Holonic founder, Andrew Thomson is the first certified consultant in Australia and Oceania. With other members we work with Wiithaa, the French design agency behind CIRCULAB,  to improve and develop new tools and resources.




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Circulab options

How to run Circulab in your organisation

(Click titles for more info)

Circular Economy Awareness
This half-day session allows you to educate your teams on the circular economy using fictional or real case studies.

Eco-design Business Model
This half day session allows you to create or improve your business model so that it can create more positive value & impact.

Design & Innovation sprint
This series of 3-5 day workshops allows you  to move from a problem to testing solutions, be they   circular products, services, systems and/or  processes.


This half-day session allows you to identify and map your stakeholders by integrating location and lifecycle.

Inter-company Synergies
This half-day session allows you to generate ideas to develop, optimize or pool resources at a regional level.

Circular Economy Training
This full-day session allows you to train your staff on key circular economy principles from a business model perspective.

Circulab options
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