Circulab Workshops


CIRCULAB is a versatile business game and methodology, that has been tried and tested by companies, governments, and academia across the world (see offerings at the bottom of the page). Through a creative and collaborative process you will learn to:


  • Understand the concept of the Circular Economy and the associated economic, social, and environmental benefits.

  • Explore and create innovative business models.

  • Activate joint solutions that are generative by intention and design.

  • Apply design-thinking, biomimicry, and systems thinking.

  • Use mapping boards/diagrams to identify stocks, flows, priorities, connections, and possibilities.


Circulab options

Circular Economy Awareness
This half-day session allows you to educate your teams on the circular economy using fictional or real case studies.

Eco-design Business Model
This half day session allows you to create or improve your business model so that it can create more positive value & impact.

Design & Innovation sprint
This series of 3-5 day workshops allows you  to move from a problem to testing solutions, be they   circular products, services, systems and/or  processes.


This half-day session allows you to identify and map your stakeholders by integrating location and lifecycle.

Inter-company Synergies
This half-day session allows you to generate ideas to develop, optimize or pool resources at a regional level.

Circular Economy Training
This full-day session allows you to train your staff on key circular economy principles from a business model perspective.