Circular economy 

training and systemic innovation

working with business, government, and academia to rethink and develop an economy that is generative by intention and design.

How to engage us?

Creative workshops - Strategic advice - Systemic innovation and leadership

We are all about developing strong relationships, so this is where we start the journey.
We use creative tools and methods to help you and us understand where you are at, your impacts and what's important



We provide inspiration & guidance to help you see where you want to go. 


We work with you to uncover & explore new opportunities & ideas.  



Working with the right experts we help you turn ideas into reality.
So that together we deliver positive social, environmental and economic benefit today & tomorrow.


Your journey with us from "linear" to "circular" will typically look something like this.
To be able to cater to your different needs and requirements, we provide a flexible and adaptable list of services. These are divided into CIRCULAB WORKSHOPS & TAILORED SERVICES.

Circulab Workshops

CIRCULAB is a tried-and-tested, creative, and collaborative business game and methodology that has helped large and small organisations across the world to understand and activate the Generative and Circular Economy.

In these workshops, you will apply design thinking, learn about biomimicry and incorporate systems thinking to explore innovative business models and activate joint solutions that are generative by intent and design.


Tailored services

At HOLONIC we also provide a whole host of other services that we can tailor specifically to the needs and objectives of your project and organisation. 
These include "circular and systemic" training, leadership and awareness development, support and consultation through to strategic planning, design, and innovation.
For more information and to arrange an initial meeting  please contact us below.
About Us

What type of future do you want to create?

We are on a mission to help purposeful business, forward-thinking governments, and progressive academia accelerate this fundamental, yet exciting, global shift from a "linear" to "circular" economy. 

What we do

As the continent's first certified CIRCULAB consultancy, we combine Design Thinking, Systems Thinking and Biomimicry to provide leaders with generative and circular economy: 


Inspiring 21st Century Leaders & Innovators to connect the dots (Environment, Society & Economy) & see a healthier future.

  • Interactive workshops
  • Network & community events
  • Cross-pollination
  • Public speaking and panel discussions
  • Brilliant Perth Podcast
With a participative approach, we help you ​and your team to understand & improve your impact.
  • Hosting bespoke, creative & collaborative workshops & design sprints to discover, develop & test new ideas & business models 
  • Advisory services for strategic planning, systemic design & innovation
 strategic planning, design & innovation
End to end design and innovation services. 
  • Circular business model development
  • Circular strategic planning
  • Circular & systemic  design (including products/services, supply and reverse supply chains, remanufacturing, ecosystem mapping & modelling & more)

Guiding Principles

The following 3 interwoven principles guide what we do:
1. Develop and maintain healthy relationships with NATURE
The ways we live and work must learn from nature and integrate with it, as it sustains us. 
2. Develop and maintain healthy relationships with SELF & OTHERS
The ways we live and work must strive to increase the happiness and well-being of all.
3. Develop and maintain healthy relationships with the FUTURE
The ways we live and work today must aim to create a future where future generations can thrive.​


“We have worked with Holonic to help us solve a number of challenges we face as a business operating in the circular economy space, their lateral thinking and interactive workshops help provide alternate perspectives and solutions to traditional business problems. The team at Holonic can assist with the big picture vision whilst having the technical knowledge and experience to take care of the issues that arise when looking at the detail. Andy and Dylan are a pleasure to work with.”

James & Michael Coghill,

Founders & Directors, Total Green Recycling

 E-waste recycling, Data destruction & IT Asset management

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what is the Circular Economy?

From linear to Circular, problem to solution 

"Looking beyond the current "take, make, and dispose” extractive industrial model, the circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design. Relying on system-wide innovation, it aims to redefine products and services to design waste out while minimising negative impacts. Underpinned by a transition to renewable energy sources, the circular model builds economic, natural, and social capital."


Design out waste and pollution

Keep products and materials in use

Regenerate Natural systems

building blocks 

Circular economy design

New business models

Reverse cycles

Enablers & systems conditions

From Linear threats to Circular Opportunities - Circularity is the new Innovation

Innovative: businesses, cities, universities, & entrepreneurs are seeing the move to circular solutions as a huge opportunity for disruption & differentiation, as public concern mounts and untold technological enablers abound.  


But don't take our word for it, the World Economic Forum says the global "[ ] potential for innovation, job creation and economic development is huge: estimates indicate a trillion-dollar opportunity."

With circular economy policies in place, Europe and China are pioneering the shift as they see this massive, cross-sector and multi-dimensional opportunity as a way to diversify and future proof their economies. The latest studies estimate the global economy to be 9% "circular".


Its time to do more good rather than less bad! 

 A brighter future starts by asking better questions!

  interested in shifting from "Linear" to "circular"?

  please drop us a line below. 

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