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“We loved having the team at Holonic run a Circulab workshop with our employees. Working through the different scenarios using Holonic’s innovative style and the principles of the Circular Economy really had our group approach challenges in a forward-thinking way. The outcomes we have gained from working with Holonic will catalyse how we drive and embed a Circular Economy within our workplace and the wider community.”

Pia Coventry, Strategic Waste Officer,  City Of Canning


“We have worked with Holonic to help us solve a number of challenges we face as a business operating in the circular economy space, their lateral thinking and interactive workshops help provide alternate perspectives and solutions to traditional business problems. The team at Holonic can assist with the big picture vision whilst having the technical knowledge and experience to take care of the issues that arise when looking at the detail. Andy and Dylan are a pleasure to work with.”

James & Michael Coghill, Founders & Directors, Total Green Recycling (E-Waste)

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“The guys at Holonic truly help businesses get to the heart of their business values and their resulting legacy. For a business to survive in the 21st century, it must do more than deliver a service or product - a business now needs to demonstrate that it can produce positive impacts for the good of humanity. Holonic helps founders to consider what is possible in this area.”

SpacetoCo WA, Sharing Economy platform for space hire


“Dylan & Andrew, with their knowledge, creativity and passion, have helped us explore the potential of our software "Systemiser" to help explain and scenario test complicated and complex systems using visual maps and computational models. Holonic have introduced us to various new ideas and leads, including an international engineering company who are using the tool to help grow its business in green renewables. Our software and modelling work is now more inclusive of planet, people (and economics). We are actively working with Holonic as their modelling partner to find more opportunities to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

Mark Holton, Founder,  Systemiser

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