Tailored Services

Circular and Systemic innovation

In addition to the CIRCULAB offerings, additional services can be tailored to the needs and requirements of your project and/or organisation. These include "circular and systemic" training, leadership and awareness development, support and consultation through to strategic planning, design, and innovation.


A rough outline of service areas is detailed below using a hybrid Design+Strategy model for visual reference. This shows the typical divergent and convergent stages in the development process of most things, including strategies, business models through to products and services.


However, to be able to tailor the best possible solution, bringing in local and international expertise if necessary and/or redirecting you to the people you need to talk to, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Tailored services to inspire, Challenge, support & assist you


Learn, appreciate, empathize and get inspired

Scan, explore and reflect on the challenges, new ideas, initiatives, trends, and patterns that are on the horizon and impacting your industry, region and beyond.

Understand yourself, your organisation, customers, suppliers and impact in the world

What are we good at?

What are we bad at?

What type of value do we really create?

What implications or challenges exist?

Are we happy with the current direction?

Why is this?


Make connections and see where it takes you

Using various creative tools and mapping techniques, try to make sense of the boundaries, parts, relationships, influences and behaviours of internal systems nested within bigger external systems (holons). Allow new possibilities, ideas, and scenarios to surface and be explored during this process.


Make sense of what you have discovered 

What's really important?  

What do we value?

What is the underlying purpose of the economy, your type of organisation, and your job?

Whom can you partner with and why?

Where are the leverage points?

What are enablers and inhibitors?



Vision and goal casting

Imagine how the future should be

What does it look like?

What role do you play?

What are we really trying to achieve?



Defining objectives and specifications 

How will we measure progress and impact?

Do adequate metrics exist?

Are metrics alone enough?



Foster and develop a culture of interdepartmental and cross-sector collaboration and emergence.

Design, prototype and test 

Co-develop ideas into viable solutions, partnering with customers and stakeholders through an iterative, feedback-rich process.

deploy & deliver


Preparing the systems and processes needed to create and deliver the value you intend.


Awareness building and "circular/generative" advertising and campaign development.



Feedback channel development, launch, and analysis.



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