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I’m a  global citizen at heart, wherever in the world I may be, you'll most often find me at that intersection of technology and culture where game changers are gathering, igniting initiatives for positive change.


My cross-sector expertise spans the realms of strategy, innovation, exponential/disruptive technology, communications, team building and design science. I’m a champion for changemakers, especially entrepreneurs.


A delighted contributor to think tanks, summits, awards programs and countless philanthropic endeavors, I love convening changemakers and movement leaders, questioning assumptions, designating new standards for excellence, and connecting the cross-cultural dots.


I'm currently CoFounder of the Infinite Solutions Institute, on the board of the PoEM Foundation and World Dignity Forum NGOs, strategic advisor to the SymbioNet consultancy, global ambassador for BlockBoxx , and meetup host for ‘Chains for Social Impact and Web 3.0 Developers.


One of the original digital nomads, I’m often based in Bali, Indonesia, where my practices also include meditation, juice fasting and organic haute cuisine.


My purpose


I’m most passionate about lifelong learning and education in its original sense, which is about creating the frameworks that draw forth our innate genius, and nurture more positive, life-affirming ways of being. 


Skills and abilities


My gifts include taking the complex and making it simple to understand and articulate; prioritizing context over content; and laser focus on the essence and heart of whatever is being envisioned, designed, offered, delivered and communicated. (Clarifying brand, story and messaging around a resonant core purpose is a particular strong suit.)

I’m a skilled writer and an even better editor. As a capable facilitator and host, I’m equally at home behind the screen for a webinar, on stage moderating a panel or in the room supporting a meeting, workshop or training.


Previous experience


As a futurist and innovation strategist, I’ve been at the forefront of several waves of social and business transformation, including the advent of the World Wide Web, the rise of social enterprise, the blockchain innovation, integral medicine/holistic health, and the Cultural Creative wave that is now sweeping the planet, uniting responsible ecological stewardship with prosperity, creativity, human potential and wellbeing.

As a consultant and champion for entrepreneurship, I’ve cultivated success working strategically with visionary entrepreneurs and innovative organizations in technology, media, global business, human factors, optimum wellness and the arts.

As a leader and board member for international industry trade and professional associations, as well as humanitarian and environmental organizations, I’ve contributed to advancing the field in next-generation technology, education and social innovation, and served as an advisor for policy development.

As a serial entrepreneur and founder, I’ve developed groundbreaking networked software platforms, UI and UX; interdisciplinary conferences, curricula and trainings; and new business models in green fields. Whilst also helped launch a great many careers.


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